Sunday, September 14, 2008

rock band 2

got rock band 2 today! yay, now i can sing more songs...when i'm alone in the house.cardigan: h&m
dress: savers
shoes: h&m
this cardigan makes me sad, because before, it was 3 times it's size as it is now. my brother got it, but didn't like it because it's wool. it was big and slouchy on me, but then i washed it wrong...and it shrunk. tear tear.
i also got the rimmel color rush quad eye shadow in smokey brun. i'm inspired by the brown smokey eye from alexander wang's show.


Shen-Shen said...

I love the floral dress!

So Yun Um said...

haha i go to a community college next to redondo beach and then im planning on transferring to usc if anyway possible...

Anonymous said...

aww. i'd be sad too. =/ but i like that look too! but, i'm pretty bad at doing smokey looks. i'm not sure why. hah. i can do other stuff but the smokey eye just gives me problems. =/

Jenny H. said...

ahh im sorry about the cardigan situation. i hate when those kinds of things happen.

buttt it still looks cute on you :)