Wednesday, September 17, 2008


went to giorgios for kha's reunion dinner thingy.guh, my glasses tan is still there...
kha/kyle one of best guy friends. he was the only guy in color guard. haha. i don't see him much since he goes to the art institute in san francisco. he's always asking if i've seen any hot asian guys. :Da chocolate milano italian soda. i never knew they had chocolate flavored italian sodas! it smelled so good, but the syrup was pretty strong.
all the food was delicious! mostacioli di bari, brushchetta, and tiramisu! yum!
cardigan: h&m
tank top:old navy
skirt: savers
wearing that nonstretchable skirt was a mistake. poor tummy.


chnch said...

yummy ^_^

Miranda said...

loveee italian! looks like you had fun :)
cute (nonstretchable) skirt!

Shen-Shen said...

Ahh, how I love Italian food! Bruschetta and Tiramisu are my faves.. And I love that cardigan too!