Friday, September 26, 2008

choke and boom mics

today i watched choke with the bf. yee :Dvneck: urbanoutfitters (i love basics from the guys section)
skirt: savers
shoes: h&m
instead of being a dark film, it was cute and lighthearted. what annoyed me was the boom mic showing in many shots. :(
today was very warm as well. 83 degrees. bleh.


Miranda said...

i just read your previous post.
that really sucks! you should really just be up front about it and tell her straight up that you can't and won't do it.

Wendy said...

I read the previous post too, just say no.

Anonymous said...

eee i really need a v-neck tee! they seem good with anything

Dee. said...

read the previous post. You should just tell her you can't do it. Master up courage(:

love the tee.