Thursday, September 11, 2008

chai tea

just drank some chai tea. it was yummy and spicy. i think i added too much honey...bleh.
today was another cold & chilly in the morning and hot later on kind of day, thus i wore black tights.
cardigan: papaya
tank top: h&m
shorts: oldnavy
tights: dunno
shoes: h&m [yay, they're more broken in now, but they still hurt my heels! :( ]
i dunno, but the black tights and jean shorts look weird together.
i got happy once it got sunnier.


Clara said...

Cute cardigan! And I agree, the jeans and tights look a little off :/

PS. Do you happen to live in the Santa Clara/San Jose area? I'm not a creeper, I promise haha!

Wendy said...

I don't like wearing tights when I don't have too, don't know why.

Clara said...

No way! I love in Fremont and I'm a high school senior. I know a couple of people going to SJSU! Haha it's so cool to run into other bloggers who live close by!!

Nicole said...

Bay Area! I don't know if I can ever pull off shorts and tights. For some reason I think the style looks awful on me. Thanks for checking out my blog!

vogue_wants_me said...

well how come?
but i think i can still recognize her. such a sophisticated lady hee

anwz i love ur piz.

sry fr da belated reply my girl.

chineric said...

i like that smirk u got there in the first pic! nway love the outfit!

ashley said...

I actually really like the tights, they look more fall-appropriate :D