Thursday, September 25, 2008


have you heard of usana?
most of the people i ask don't know about it.
guh. right now, i'm not a great fan of it.
what i wore to the usana presentation:
shirt: heritage 1981
skirt: savers
tights, dunno
shoes: h&m
so my friend (let's call him J) called me two days ago asking if i was still looking for a part time job. i said yes and he immediately put his director on the phone. she just told me that i should dress nice and meet her tomorrow. she stressed that i should go since J told her about me and she would be "taking time out of her schedule". they didn't tell me anything about what they do, and i felt obligated to go for J's sake, so i went today. i didn't know what to wear. i look like a waiter. i wish i wore heels. all the girls/women there were wearing them. i was such a shortie!

all in all, it was pretty much a presentation about the company which sells vitamins and that sort and the marketing of it. people are paid commission for how much they sell and how many they recruit. i came into it biased because a classmate of mine was saying how it just recruits people to get more money. although i see the bright side of the company (such as their products), i feel uneasy with it. first, one needs to pay $420. they then sell the products and gain more money by recruiting their friends. they even had their successful people there. two or three were making more than $1000 per week and the one making $300,000 a year was showing off her $100,000 car.
after the presentation, J's director asked if i wanted in and i said yes (it sounded good then). J yelled
out "attention everyone! we have a new family member!" to which the crowd whoopped and cheered. the only problem that came up was paying the $420 and convincing my mom. i don't have a job and my dad is overseas at work, leaving my mom to support all of us with her not paying that well job. the director asked if she could speak with my mom and we set up so that she would come over tomorrow.
when i got home, i realized what i got myself into. i don't want to go any further with this. i can't sell and i definitely don't have $420. now the only problem is getting myself out of it, because even though i called back saying i can't have the meeting tomorrow, there is a training on saturday which the director signed me up for. guh! i feel so obligated! i guess i'm just weak minded.
anyway, that was a long rant. the kitty is still alive and (hopefully) healthy. :D

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Shen-Shen said...

It's crazy how those people sell you things, right? I would just back out though, even though it seems unpleasant at the time... You don't want to get coerced into paying $420, I bet that's how the company makes most of their money!