Friday, July 25, 2008

sucks for us on the west coast

it sucks how Topshop and Uniqulo are only in the east coast, mainly in the NY area... i would go to NY just for those stores. it's going to take YEARS for them to open stores on the west coast. where's the love? i would be happy if uniqlo would open an online store or if the uk store would ship to the us, but no...and even though the topshop uk store's hella (yeah, norcal person) f-ing expensive. about $15 for shipping and times 2 of whatever you get. HELLA expensive [for a cheapass like me :)]

still, i like to look online at topshop. none of the clothes really stand out for me, but oh, the shoes!
i enjoy the shoes they have there. they are simple, yet chic. take these sandals for example. they're not the crazy gladiator sandals going around right now. i like the simplicity of them.

now all i need is a full, baby blue skirt and a crisp white shirt (minus the drastic hair cut [i miss my long hair!]) and i'm off like Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday!
but! i wouldn't pay $36 plus $15 ($51!!!) for those shoes...maybe i'll find a similar pair on a thrift trip?

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