Tuesday, July 15, 2008

aerie is awesome too

aerie rocks as well!
another cardigan! gotta love cardigans! this has a longer length, perfect for those short ass dresses or pantyline showing garments (as is my unfortunate problem with my white&blk aa two tone dress). i love the oatmeal color.
i've been looking for a cute double scoop neck tee. they're so subtley sexy. ooooh! a dip in the front AND the back?! sexy...oldnavy had one recently, but it was so short! i like my tees long. this one solves all my problems and looks long, but on the models, it looks short. ? -_-
i absolutely love this "slip". i probably wouldn't wear this to sleep. it's just too cute. AND it has pockets!!! awesome!!! i love dresses/skirts with pockets! so functional and chic.

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