Tuesday, July 29, 2008

i need more japanese magazines

i like to read japanese magazines. they're big and shiny and filled with all these crazy things! my favorite would be PINKY but i like ZIPPER too. (ZIPPER is too crazy for me, but fun to look at)

(sorry about the pictures... i don't have a scanner so taking pictures will have to do)

From PINKY!!!

i love this girl. she's my favorite out of the PINKY models. her name is Coco Kinoshita.

mix and match! i've always wanted to try that to see what outfits i could come up with, but i don't think i have all the items listed or something close to it OR i'm just to lazy to even try it. haha.

they have step by step for doing makeup. i find that helpful for people like me! :)

Now for ZIPPER...

their fashion style is definitely different. it's offhand and crazy, with different prints and lots of layering with big, loose items. i didn't really take pictures (because i was lazy), but there's something about these two girls i don't like.

i'm not sure why i cringe at the girl at the top, but i just do. looking at her makes me "UH!!!" haha. and i really don't like the girl on the bottom. her face disturbs me.

i think it's the shaved off bleached blonde eyebrows that are growing out added with the clumpy on purpose mascara and that grin. ugh! i've noticed that shaved off bleached blonde eyebrows are popular... i don't know the reason why. i want to find out.

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