Friday, July 25, 2008

i love shoes!

my obsession of shoes has come back recently... and who doesn't love shoes?

gotta love's so funny talking like her, randomly...

shoes that i'm eyeing:

i've been looking for a simple, black sandal. this one from Forever21 is perfect and is only $14.80.

these shoes are cute. i need some height (i'm 5ft) plus these look secure enough that i wouldn't trip as much as i would with normal heels. :) i'm clumsy.

out of the few shoes i have, these two are my favorite (and highest):
i got these from UrbanOutfitters a long time ago. they were only $7.99 i think... i can't believe i actually wore these to school a few times. i feel wobbly on them walking on concrete! and i remember tripping one time. haha. i thought that i had sold them to crossroads and was sad, but i found them in one of my shoe boxes! i was so happy! i don't think i could wear these to school, come fall. all that walking! (even though the campus is small) but there's a birthday on saturday, so hopefully i can wear it then!i love these shoes! they're BCBGirls which i got from Loehmann's. they make me feel so tall!
these shoes rule!

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Fashion Is Poison said...

cute cage shoes!!

yeah...i know my margiela's are weird :x