Wednesday, July 30, 2008

fred flare

fred flare is a really cool website offering all these quirky things. it's fun to look at. some of my picks:

sweetheart bustier dress $60

this dress is so chic. it has pockets too! yay for pockets!
pairing it with...

Jackie O sunglasses $10 & forget me knot ring $50

the Jackie O's are refreshing to see out of all of the raybans and the ring is classic and sweet, but for $50?! i'd rather get a piece of string and paint it.... hey. that's not a bad idea.
anyway, i would be calling with...

the fred cell phone receiver $24
i think that it would be hilarious to bust this out while out in public. it would be funny to see all the stares.
plus, i would be carrying it in...

Mr. Moustache tote $24
it's so cute!!!

criss-cross metallic wallet $12.99

i've been looking for a wallet that has a ton of compartment space and this is perfect!!! i'm not a very flourescent person, but i think that it'll add a lil something.

1 comment:

Shen-Shen said...

I'm loving that ring.. But you're right, $50?! Cute, but no thank you... And that tote bag! It looks a little bit more worth the price, although I'd like to see a shirt with that design on it!