Monday, July 21, 2008

no glasses! woo!

now that i have contacts, i realize that i can wear so many things!
one: earrings. i don't wear earrings a lot (i'm not a jewelry kind of person) i think it's too much, with my glasses and all. still, i don't think i'll be wearing earrings a lot, but hey, it's an option. also, i think this earring hanger thingee is cute.

two: sunglasses! i've always wanted to wear them, but couldn't because of my glasses. so sad, right? but yay! now i can! on the car ride to see feist at the greek theater in berkeley, i was trying to take a nap, but the sun was in my eyes. alas! i realized i was wearing my contacts and grabbed my bf's wayfarers. ahhh i was content. the bf said i looked hot, but i felt like a baby because i looked like a baby with sunglasses on. :)!
third: makeup. i dont wear much makeup, only when going out which is only mascara and neutrogena shimmers. there wasn't a point since my glasses would cover the eye makeup and get dirty. now i'm free to experiment and actually see it! i want to try this:

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