Tuesday, July 29, 2008


today is an especially boring day after yesterday's escapade. :)
here are just some random things i'm thinking about...
this picture reminds me a lot of my bf: eyebrows, gauntness, and guitar playing. makes me smile. :)
i'm addicted to this candy right now. it's so yummy...the grapey goodness. yum. and in the middle, there's a grape gummy!!! ahhhhh. i can't eat too much of it at a time though. it cuts up my mouth and makes it taste all bloody. :D i like.i love the thai tea from tapioca and wanted to try this from ocean market. bad idea... doesn't taste as good...

basil is yummy. the smell is so "oooommmm" i'm glad i have a basil plant in the backyard.
here is a profile picture of my chicken. her name is 'adobo'. adobo is a filipino dish that can be made with chicken...yeah. i don't call her adobo though. i affectionaly call her chicken.

her eggs. we didn't build a nest for her... so she just jumped into the recycling bin and started to lay her eggs there. i'm too scared to eat them.


Fashion Is Poison said...

omg i am addicted to JAPANESE candy!!

jessica ann said...

thank you for your sweet comment and stopping by at my blog! you have lovely pictures! xoxo