Sunday, July 27, 2008


i finally had a group interview at American Eagle today. three weeks ago, i went sunday morning at 9am and they cancelled it. the next sunday at 9am, they were having their store meeting. i didn't go the next sunday, because i didn't know if they would have another group interview so finally, i went to this one. each time i went, i wore all american eagle clothing (except for the shoes). here's what i wore this time:
grey tanktop, yellow top, camel cardigan, jeans... ALL AMERICAN EAGLE...except the shoes.
there were a couple of people there which made me nervous because i would have to stand out of all of these people to get a job! there were also lowerclassmen from high school there. ugh. they don't need a job!!! they're not going to college! plus i'm older! rawr!
so i was part of the first group to go in and i saw my friend working there. i was happy, but nervous at the same time. the guy asked the typical questions. it was nerve wracking trying to come up with the best answer. two really stood out of the group because they had such good answers! ugh! they were talkative too.
i think i did okay...i could have done better. now i just have to wait. i heard monday for a call back. don't know whether it's tomorrow or next monday. probably next monday. ugh. the suspense. now i just have to hear from my friend on how bad it was. :(

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