Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Makeup Academy Haul!

Left to Right: Lip Boom in Let Me Know, All in One Beauty Balm in Medium Dark, & Heaven and Earth Palette

Made an order from Makeup Academy (MUA) after seeing swatches and reviews of their Beauty Balm in Medium Dark. It took more than a month (4 weeks) from the day I ordered for it to arrive. I did not receive an email notifying me that it shipped nor did I receive a tracking number. I ordered back in December when they had 40% off. I also received 5 free nail polishes with the order, but I gave them away because they're the crackle nail polishes. Shipping was ₤7.50. In total I paid ₤15.01 which converted into $24.81.


There was a tear in the package, but it was lined with bubble wrap so none of the items were damaged. The nail polishes and eyeshadow palette were wrapped in bubble wrap too and they arrived perfectly. 

All in One Beauty Balm in Medium Dark ₤4.00

This was the main reason I made this order. The swatches online (here and here) looked nice and golden and yellow. When I got it, it didn't look as golden and yellow in the pictures. I forgot to take swatches, but hopefully I can do it this weekend if it's sunny! I also need to test this out still, but luckily my neck is getting lighter so hopefully it works out!

Lip Boom in LMK (Let Me Know) ₤3.00


I only got this to reach the minimum amount needed to use the 40% off coupon and to get more of the plum/burgundy lip color I've been loving! It comes with a lipstick and a lip gloss. Both smell good! The lipstick side smells like yummy smelling candles to me and the lip gloss side smells like frosting! The color of the lipstick is similar to Milani's Black Cherry lipstick. I don't think I'll be using the lip gloss side because the glitter is super chunky!

Heaven and Earth Palette ₤4.00

Lastly, I got the Heaven and Earth palette because it was cheap and they're neutrals!

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