Saturday, January 26, 2013

Gmarket Haul #7!


Finally posting this Gmarket haul 2 months after receiving it! I made this order back in November on a Thursday, it shipped the following Wednesday, and I received it in the usual 3 days. This time I was able to use my Cash Balance along with Paypal to pay for my order.

It was a bit tricky trying to use my Cash Balance the first time, but all you have to do is click the "Use" button next to Cash Balance under section 3 (Discount Applied) when you check out. A box will pop up where you can choose to use all of your Cash Balance.


In the following picture, you can see that I used all of my Cash Balance thus I had 34,660 won (or $32.97) to pay with Paypal.


Final Receipt:

Leather Sleeved Coat
Originally 39,800 won, paid 35,030 won (~$33.32) after discount
Seller: Real Coco


After seeing some stylish bloggers wearing the leather sleeves trend, I wanted one for my own and where else to look for it other than Gmarket! I found a few options but got this one because it was simple, stylish, and a bit cheaper. The quality of this jacket is great! It makes me feel very stylish. I also love the pockets! It's a bit long for me, but I don't really mind it and I could get it hemmed if I wanted to. One thing that bothers me is that it doesn't have a collar which I prefer, but I didn't really think of that when I purchased it. 

Black Lace Up Booties
Originally 23,800 won, paid 20,520 won (~$19.52) after discounts


Total fail here. I checked the height of the boot shaft and thought "Yeah, 4.7 inches is near 5 inches, so these will be okay." Nope. I find that a boot shaft of 5 inches is perfect for me: high enough to tuck in my pants, but not too high for my big calves. These were too low and because of the boot height, it was awkward to walk in. I ended up selling it to Crossroads, so it wasn't a complete fail. Also, these boots seemed like they were good quality, but it had the Made in China chemical smell.

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