Saturday, December 29, 2012

Mini Face Shop Haul!

Left to right: Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam sample, Lovely ME:EX Angel Skin Makeup Base, & Oil Specialist Brightening Cleansing oil sample

I was looking for a green makeup base to cover the redness on my face. At first I wanted to try the ones Skinfood offers, but the stores in the U.S. don't carry them. I decided to go to The Face Shop since it's nearby. I tried the Radiance Makeup Base on my hand and it was really thick. The sales associate showed me the Lovely ME:EX Angel Skin Makeup Base and it was much more liquid. I got if for $14 and the sales associate gave me two samples. The cleansing foam is the same size as the makeup base!

Lovely ME:EX Angel Skin Makeup Base swatch

Unfortunately the makeup base doesn't cover the redness on my face completely. The redness still shows through even after applying a few layers. I do like how it brightens my cheek area under my eyes (that's where my skin is red). This makeup base turns white, but it's not thick so you can blend it in. I wouldn't purchase this again, but I'll continue to use it.

Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam sample

I've been using this with the cleansing oil sample recently. It's not as thick as the cleansing foam I've been using (Etude House's Happy Tea Time) so it lathers up quickly. It does its job, but I don't like the bar soap smell it has.

Oil Specialist Brightening Cleansing Oil sample

I haven't really used cleansing oils before this except for the Laneige sample I got, but I only tried it once. I tried this out recently when I was traveling. When I first used it, it made my skin feel so soft! I like the floral scent it has. I love how it takes everything off, even my mascara and liquid eyeliner. Even though it's a whole other step, I prefer it to using a cotton pad and makeup remover to remove my eye makeup.

Sadly, I think my skin is reacting badly to it because I got pimples on my forehead and small bumps on my nose within the days of using it. I don't know if it's the mineral oil my skin is reacting to. It makes me sad because I really like this cleansing oil and most other cleansing oils have mineral oil them. I think I'll try this out another time to see if this really breaks me out. 

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