Friday, December 28, 2012

Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion SPF50+ PA+++ No.31 Brown Beige

Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion SPF50+ PA+++ No.31 Brown Beige

Finally reviewing this BB cushion I got in November! I purchased it on Gmarket for $27.63 (29,900 won). There are other BB cushions out there, but I bought this one because they had a third shade (the other brands only have 2). 


"New Concept Cushion-type BB: A new-concept cushion-type BB with five active ingredients for Whitening + Sunscreen + Sweat-proof + Soothing + Makeup contained in the cushion to maximize the refreshing and soothing sensation. Every time you touch it, the air pump in the cushion contains air bubbles for thin and skin-friendly makeup. Also, it is provided in two separate containers to preserve the active ingredients and their functionality. The formulas can be used fresh and safely from start to finish."

"Cushiony Soothing Cushion Puff: The special puff designed to feel the refreshing soothing sensation absorbs moisture less than ordinary puff to deliver the refreshing sensation of moisture to the face and stay clean and sanitary. The formulas apply smoothly without irratation and even a small amount can spread to cover a large area."

This product is gimmicky in my opinion, but I wanted to try it out because I loved the dewy look it gave. Even though it's gimmicky with all of it's claims it's easy to use. I find that I apply this faster than a regular BB cream. One gripe is the cushion. It gets dirty easy and it takes a long time to clean. After a week of using it, I felt like I needed to clean the cushion already. I use Daiso's detergent for my makeup brushes and even though it is pretty strong, I had to wash the cushion 2-3 times for it to be completely clean. This can be a problem for germaphobes. Also, the inside of the compact can get pretty dirty/messy. 


I would say that the shade is close to an NC30, maybe even lighter. The shade is very close to Missha's Perfect Cover BB Cream in No.27. It has beige undertones.

Left: without product Right: with product

Sadly this shade doesn't work for me because my face and neck are different shades. When I was first using it I thought it worked out well because it was sheer, but after finding out that it matches Missha No.27 I stopped using it because Missha No.27 is too light for me right now. 

(Gimmicky) Claims:
-Whitening: "contains White Plus Renew ComplexTM...for bright and clear skin"
-Sweat-proof: "High molecules strong against sweat and sebum form a network to form an elastic barrier on the surface of makeup to hold makeup and UV screen for a long time. Also, highly elastic cushion powder holds up the makeup barrier that can easily be collapsed by sweat and sebum for long-lasting makeup even with one layer."
-Makeup Effects: "The spherical powder with similar refraction rate as the skin controls oil absorption and light diffusion to prevent excess shine and creates a natural and clean skin tone with medium coverage."

This product does give me that dewy look which is great everywhere else except for my T-zone! After I apply it, my T-zone looks really oily/greasy so I have to apply powder. Unfortunately it doesn't last long. After 4 hours my face gets greasy/oily. I find that my face gets oily faster using this compared to other products. It does feel nice applying it, like a cool sensation. I also appreciate the high SPF. I can skip that step when using this. I also like how it's sheer. I think that it can be built up to medium coverage.

Overall, I wouldn't buy any more refills for this (this already came with an extra one). I feel like this would be great for the summer because it is light, easy, travel friendly, and has high SPF, but I can't use it over the summer because that's when my skin gets darker! The only time I can use it is over the winter when my skin lightens up, but by then I prefer a thicker BB cream/foundation for more moisture. 


Hana said...

Charmaine, thanks for reviewing. I actually interested on this because the new concept. Too bad it does not work for u. What is ur favorite bb cream?

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Charmaine said...

Hey Hana! My favorite right now is Skinfood's Peach Sake BB Cream :]