Thursday, April 23, 2009

poor & begging

on Yahoo News: "Man pretending to fall off bridge actually falls"
that's a fucking fail right there...
but the guy was drunk so it's not even a fail.
is this the face of poverty?
ran out of my $20/week lunch money and was really hungry during my lunch break at work, so decided to get mcdonalds (the only thing i can afford. thank you dollar menu). i calculated a mcdouble & sweet tea and it was $2.19 (damn 9.25% tax). i only had $2.18 in my wallet. (fucking sad right?) i didn't see any pennies on the floor (where are you pennies-on-the-floor when i need you?!) so i went up to a lady and asked her for a penny. she gave me a penny...and then more coins. i said, "oh all i need is a penny" and she said "oh no, take it, take it" pushing my hand away. did i just experience begging? the feeling of not having enough money for food?
i walked to the mcdonalds outside of the mall (bc the mcdonalds inside didn't have sweet tea) and the total turned out to be $2.17. what the fuck?! so i didn't have to ask for money anyway.
chai tea boiled with sugar is more delicious than tea bag+honey+milk.


Amanda said...

hm that's too bad, hope you'll find one that fit you :)

i bought mine in greece last summer.

yiqin; said...

I hate it when I am super broke & I just need 10 cents more to get something to eat! Makes me regret all the times I didnt appreciate my coins!

$ouLphate said...

ah that sucks if you come short by only one penny!! luckily im always with friends when i go out and eat something, they'll have some money for me =D

Miranda said...

i hate when that happens!

Christine said...

Ah, well I kind of despise sneakers (they take too long to put on!) and my jeans don't fit me well (I gained weight, woot!) so...they're not really my go-to clothes x) And urgh, I hate being broke, too. Usually all of my money goes to fooood yum.

Emz said...

Awww thats horrible! But yes, that is a delicious drink!

elusive_elfin said...

Dont feel sad, sometimes we run out of money. at least you met a nice person who gave you some coins. juz return in kind to someone who needs it next time!
and your chai tea looks really yummy.

Gloria C. said...

awww :(

I hate having to ask for money, be it for a charity or for myself from my parents.

Chai tea should be made boiled with milk & sugar for the best results ^.^

Yuka said...

lol what a cute/funny story. i have the same luck as you. that seems like something that would happen to me too!

Christine said...

Yeahh! I was soo pissed that it got postponed until the summer, but now I'm over it haha. Just cannot wait.