Saturday, April 11, 2009


current obsession: pixies
got "Hey" stuck in my head and also in love with gigantic

currently in love with these items:
hat from AE. it's so adorable! i think that it'll make me feel
like i'm on a boat crossing a river wearing a paper thin dress with red lips (the lover reference/escapism) minus all the sex with an older man and fucked up family :D i'm so happy i'm getting hours now so i can have money to pay for it. i better not spend it all on food :Dwanting shorts in black and white. pockets a must and shaved legs a must!!!
tried these on in the store. i was so happy to see them b/c most forever21 stores don't carry shoes. they have the height i need to add to my 4'11'' and they are not hard to walk in. plus $22.80 is cheap!
also loving this skirt. fucking cheap ($6.90) but not sure about the quality. i hope it's in the store! :D


Sunset said...

Aw no, what happened at your prom? :(

Ahh, I'm so wary about shopping at f21 now. Like you, 'cause of the quality. And great picks! Are you really 4'11? Fashion bloggers never seem to look their real height in photos. I feel like I look really short in mine.

Haha sorry I ramble so much!

yiqin; said...

THe straw hat is fab! I have been tempted to get that skirt too!

karl's sweet child said...

that black skirt is like the most!

Miranda said...

i need straw fedora

Emz said...

Those are so cute! Yea... I'm kind of ambivalent about F21.. They have some nice stuff but I wonder if I should make bigger investments.

Amanda said...

want that hat! nice blog :)

denise said...

that hat is soooo adorable!!! i never wear hats but i'm trying to find the perfect one that won't make me look retarded hahaha.