Saturday, April 18, 2009

mini mini

ahh the weather is getting so warm now. love the experience of summer nights: the stuffiness inside, the coolness outside, the smell of burning buildings and smog. ahh, memories.
sick with a sore throat. went crazy at the asian market and bought instant udon, instant porridge, crackers, and mochi :D
my favorite part is the bean curd!!! yum :D
i wish they had this size mochi at the store!!!

being the cheapie i am, i got the store brand version of sore throat lozenges and theraflu. i hate sore throats!!! the lozenges are f-ing scary though. i didn't know they numb :[now i remember why i don't wear these wedges anymore...they hurt!!!!!!!!!!
cutting my split ends with...
i have so many split ends! i don't want to cut my hair though bc hair cutters always cut off more than what you want them to cut off. these scissors are good for on the go!!!my sister's interpretation of me with my swollen eyes. cried last night and turned into a monster today.


Christine said...

Oh my Lordddd, Mochi is SO good.

yiqin; said...

THat sketch is so cute! Hahaha & sg's getting warm too. I dont like :/

Miranda said...

aw no crying! <3
and the wedges are cute
sorry they hurt haha

denise said...

awww your shoes are so cute! wish i could see a better picture of it :D
where are they from!?