Tuesday, April 21, 2009

inevitable darkness

yay! time for short shorts, tees, and dresses! warm weather is finally here and i'm sweating like a pig and praying that i don't get dark.not ready for full on romper action, so skirt over romper!
but yeah, i really don't want to get any darker than i already am...burnt toast!
dark right?!?!?!?!
darkened by weeks practicing in the sun for marching band...the good ole days :D
so today was Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day. went last year and the year before, so i was bummed that i couldn't go this year (*cough*mrc*cough*). the sad thing is that i forgot there was a ben & jerry's a block from campus. so sad.


yiqin; said...

It was free cone day the other day too! The queue was so long!

ocean said...

u r looking gorgeous da.. sweet of u.. do find tym to drop by my blog.. take care dear..