Wednesday, April 1, 2009

woman's intuition or luck?

i think that one of the greatest feelings in the world is finding out that class is canceled. it's like "YAY!"
i had the feeling of checking the online "blackboard" for my class tomorrow morning (which i never do) and voila the teacher is sick and class is canceled! at first i thought it was my "intuition" but then i guessed that it was just luck. oh well :D
who uses these $1 coins?! i got 17 of them from the ticket machine as change and asked all the cashiers i went to today if they accepted them. their answer: "of course. it's money." silly me, but seriously, who uses them and where do you get them from other than evil ticket machines?the one and only crossword puzzle i'll ever do in the newspaper.
those things are hard!!!
i saw it on the table, skimmed it, and saw something i knew!
DOWN: 27 Jazz guitarist Montgomery
it's funny how the good weather is going away along with spring break.
footsies!!! i'm liking polished toenails :D
very random.


Sunset said...

Your blog is just so cute :)

yiqin; said...

Ah you make me so tempted to take out my crossword book & start doing!

Miranda said...

now i want a manipedi
and yes, those coins are such a hassle to carry around!

Trish said...

Love those nails too! :)

Gloria C. said...

thank you for your comment on my blog!

Yes the vagina monologues do have a connection to feminism. :)

but lol I love dollar coins. I only wish that the washer machines at my school would accept them -.-

Emz said...

Sounds like a great day haha =) I love polished nails too!