Sunday, March 31, 2013

Koreadepart Haul!

It's Skin Power 10 VC & VB Effector and Skinfood Black Bean Eye Brow Pencil in #3 Black Brown

I don't know why I didn't order from Koreadepart until now. Whenever I would search for more information on Korean skincare or makeup items I was interested in, Koreadepart would always show up. I didn't think you could actually buy from there! It's a good thing I know now because it's awesome!


I made my order on a Thursday and they received my payment the same day. With Koreadepart, you have to send the payment for the items and the shipping yourself through Paypal. I received the shipping fee notification 4 days later on a Monday and paid the shipping fee the day of. It shipped the next day on Tuesday and I received it 10 days later on a Friday.

I chose Registered Mail and it cost $8.54 for 0.5kg (They also have EMS). It had a tracking number but it is not as detailed as using EMS (where they show every single stop). It only showed when it left Korea (through track-trace) and when it arrived in the U.S. and at the post office (through the USPS website). 

My items arrived safely wrapped with plenty of bubble wrap. I received some samples as well! I picked up two Power 10 Effectors from It's Skin. VB got good reviews so I hope it helps me out with my oiliness! The VB Effector was $6.91 and the VC Effector was $6.79. 

Skinfood Black Bean Eye Brow Pencil in #3 Black Brown


I wanted to try out the eye brow pencil from Etude House but they didn't carry it so I got one from Skinfood instead. I went to the Skinfood store to see how the color would look like and was kind of worried because it looked too brown. The sales associate was insisting I use #2 which is Black Grey because she has black hair as well, but #3 works for me. 

As you can see, it is darker than MAC's Spiked. I'm not used to the darker color since I've been using the MAC one, but if I use a light hand and/or brush it out it looks fine. I find that MAC's eye brow pencil is easier to use because the tip is smaller and the product is softer so you can lightly brush it on. Skinfood's eye brow pencil is bigger and longer (like an oval) so it's a bit harder to stay within the lines. Also, the product isn't as soft as MAC's so you have to use a harder hand to get the color and that can make it look too dark. 

Even though it's not as great as MAC's Spiked eye brow pencil, I would still repurchase it because of the price. Even though MAC's pencil lasts me a few months, $15 is a lot for a simple eye brow pencil. Skinfood's eye brow pencil does the job and it's cheap! (Side note: I saw that it was $5 in the store. Even though it's cheaper on the website, with shipping costs it's about the same). Skinfood contains 0.12g of product and MAC contains 0.09g, so there isn't a big difference but you can get 5 Skinfood pencils for the price of one MAC pencil.

Brand List

I think Koreadepart is wayyy better than Gmarket for buying Korean skincare and cosmetics. One of the biggest pros is shipping. Gmarket's shipping is SO expensive. I recently added two items to my shopping bag (It's Skin Power 10 Effector and a cell phone case) and the estimated shipping cost was around $40. I know that it's EMS and that they will use the actual shipping cost, but it's not worth it if you're only purchasing a few items. Koreadepart offers Registered Mail along with EMS which I prefer since I'm only buying a few items and I don't need it ASAP.

Another thing Koreadepart has over Gmarket is that their website is in English. It's so hard finding other brands or items on Gmarket that are not the most popular brands (such as Etude House, It's Skin, etc.). I found it impossible to find items because I didn't know the Korean translation for it and I could only find some if they had English in the item name. With Koreadepart, you can search by brand or type which I think is awesome because I can search for things such as cleansing oils or primers from different brands. 

Koreadepart is an awesome place for us to buy Korean skincare and cosmetics and is a great alternative to Gmarket and ebay. I'll definitely be ordering from the again!!!


Marie said...

Hi! I know it's late, but can you tell me how the bandage boots from this thread: lasted? I'm really interested in buying them...

Charmaine said...

Hey! It was a really long time ago, but I think I had them for at least a year until I sold them to Crossroads. They're low quality boots, but I still wore them once and a while.

I think I got fed up with them because the inside of the shoe had no support at all and was becoming hard and uncomfortable. I'm not certain but I think the boot was starting to separate from the bottom of the shoe near the toes.

Overall, those were the only boots that I actually wore from the haul but I would not recommend them.