Saturday, April 14, 2012

Rohto Hadalabo Gokujyun Lotion


I bought this after reading Chizu Saeki's book, "The Japanese Skincare Revolution". The book explains the "asian skincare routine" of layering products. Included in the routine is the use of a toner. I decided to get this one because it contains Hyaluronic Acid. Juju Aquamoist also has a similar toner, but I chose this one because of this review. 


All I need are two drops. Before I used to turn it upside down and back up really quickly to dispense the product, but I was actually pouring out more product than I needed. Now I just tip it over to let the product fall into my hand. A lot of people complain about the stickiness of the product, but it all depends on how much you actually use. If you put a lot, yes it's going to be sticky. Just use less -__-.

Overall, I really like this toner. I can't tell if my skin is more moisturized due to this because I've actually been taking care of my skin (cleanser, toner, eye cream, serum, emulsion and all). I bought it at Mitsuwa for $15.99 and at 170ml, it'll last me a long time. 

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