Saturday, April 7, 2012

"chunky suede platform heel" from

"chunky suede platform heel" from


I wore these heels for one night when I went clubbing in Las Vegas and I did not trip or slip once! I was epecially scared of walking in these shoes because the incline is a bit steep. There is a 4 inch difference between the heel and the platform. The heel measures 5.5 inches and the platform is a little bit less than 1.5 inches.
I got these shoes because they are a knockoff of a pair of Prada shoes and they were only $28.10! I believe that the reason I didn't trip or slip in these shoes was:
1) The platform
2) I changed the top piece (plastic part of the heel) to a rubber one.


On top is the Jeffrey Campbell Lita knockoffs from gojane with the plastic top piece and on the bottom is the suede platform heel with a rubber top piece


The sad thing is is that I've never worn the Jeffrey Campbell Lita knockoffs from gojane ever since I bought them because of the plastic top piece. When I first got them, I would walk around the house to get a feel for them and almost tripped once (I have hardwood floors). I've been meaning to bring them to the cobbler to get the top piece replaced with a rubber one, but I never had an event to wear them to. Now that I've had my other heels done, I'm going to bring these to  a cobbler so I can finally wear them! I was also thinking of asking if he could add eyelets to the shoelace holes. I could do it myself if I really want to, but I don't have the money and time. If all of that is done I'll definitely post it!

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