Saturday, September 25, 2010 Haul/Initial Review Part 2

continued from the previous post!

3. Buckle Middle Height Cylinder Army Boot in Black, $10.86The stock photos that they had showed girls wearing these type of boots, but the one that I received was the one I had in mind. Sadly, they don't look good on me because of my muscular calves! T_T. I feel like these are really good quality and would definitely look good on a girl with skinny legs.

4. NANING9 Belt Round Toe Flat Heel Boot in Black, $12.75
This pair is definitely one of the copies, but it's a good quality copy! The tongue of the shoe is puffy and the laces are the cheap stretchy kind. These also don't look good on me, but they're cute!

Overall, it was a good haul. I'll definitely order from them again, but this time order my correct size!!!

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Leelee said...

Hi, great blog you have here. I really like your boots, especially the first pairs. And I can't believe the price!