Friday, September 24, 2010 Haul/Initial Review Part 1

My obsession lately: fashion wholesales from Asia. First, it was, then Asia Fashion Wholesale, and the most exciting, I couldn't resist!!!
I initially ordered 5 pairs of boots for $64.61. Their prices ranged from $10.86 to $14.75. I picked UPS for shipping and that was $57.41. My total was $122.02, meanin
g that each one was around $24 each which is a really good deal.
I ordered on a Sunday and on t
he following Sunday, I received an email saying that one of my items was out of stock. I decided to ship the in stock items and just get credit for the out of stock one. The items shipped on Monday and I received them today which is a Friday, so overall, it took 2 weeks total and 4 days to ship.
Right after they shipped it, I realized that I ordered the wrong size. My
dumbass was so excited that I didn't read things clearly and thought the sizes were in European sizing. They're actually in China sizing. I ordered China size 37 which equals US size 6. All of them fit, but some are obviously not comfortable, so I'm planning to give some to my friend who is a size 5 1/2 and loves asian fashion too, so lucky her : ].
Another thing to note is the strong, out of the factory smell
. At first, I thought it was fine. They smelled exactly like the wedges I got from Forever21, but then my eyes started to burn a little and even my sister smelled it from downstairs in the living room! They're outside in the backyard now, airing out.

Now on to the pictures!

All the shoes came in a small box. As you can see, they were squished in there, but they're in good shape.

1. Double-Buckle High Cylinder PU Material Boot in Brown, $12.25
I thought that these would be stiff, like shown in the picture, but they're not and they have a zipper near the ankle so it's easier to put on. It fit my size 7 feet. You do have to tug it all the way up though. Also, the knee area gets tight when you bend your knees. They're pretty cute for thigh high boots!

2. Overlapping Bandage Inclined Zipper Boots in Brown, $14.75
These are my favorite pair and the only pair I'll be able to keep! They fit my size 7 feet even though they're a size 6 and they're true to the stock photos.These are my favorite pair! They fit my size 7 feet even though it's a size 6 and they're true to the picture.

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