Saturday, September 18, 2010


hooray, received my order from through Smoochiezz's Sprees! If you're one of those people who love the stuff from Zipia (which is a Korean wholesale site), but can't make the minimum $300 to order, you can enter a spree! In a spree, one person takes the orders, collects the money, and then mails it out.
For a couple of frustrating days, I couldn't find a spree that was 1) going on and 2) that could ship to the US. I finally found one that was open, accepted PayPal, and shipped to the US and that was Smoochiezz's Sprees!!!

Here's my order:

"Trendy Style Wedge Heel" $28
After missing out on the oxford wedges on the Forever21 website, I went crazy trying to find a pair somewhere else. They had them at Zipia and now my hunt is over!
I got a Korean size 245. In size charts, I would be a 240 which equals US size 7, but I checked the measurements they gave and went with a 245, which fits! Also, the quality is good, not cheap!

"Mini Cap Top" $10
I like to wear these type of bras and this one fit (it's stretchy) being those "One Size" sizes. the cups are a little big for my 32a, but it's also good quality!

I can't wait to order again. Zipia always has new stuff every other day, which makes me want to order even more!


denise said...

WOAH a spree thingie sounds scary butttt good thing it worked out cos those shoes are AWESOME!

Ray said...

I love your wedges! I've been searching for the perfect pair myself, and spent a lot of money (which is terribly uncommon for yours truly) on a really good pair, though not 100% perfect. :( These are gorgeous! Total steal. :D Thank you for your kind words and the much appreciated support. :)