Wednesday, September 8, 2010


so the end is nearing for the 3rd week of school (thank goodness!) and it's been way better compared to the first two. appreciated the 3 day weekend and got over my cold that was caused by stress and the girl sitting next to me.
h&m sweater, UO tank & jeggings, F21 wedges

yay it was cold enough to wear a sweater today! : ] got the shoes i ordered from F21 last week when i was depressed and was so happy! immediately i thought of frankenstein and the monster mash started playing in my head. also thought of lady gaga and her monsters : ]

Fisherman's's too strong, but kept the tin.

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denise said...

love those wedges and the elbow patches on your sweater!!! Been meaning to pick up a new sweater like that :D