Saturday, October 2, 2010

end of the week please

Lately, the boypren and I have been making food, and yesterday we made some sushi.
On the way home from the grocery, I wanted to pass by and get a Hello Kitty cell phone charm from those quarter machines, but got a Mario one last minute and got the one the boypren wanted. It was meant to be.

Went to the Silicon Valley Heart Walk today to participate and do my video project that's due on Tuesay (ugh). Passed by Mitsuwa after, ogled at the makeup, and got noms (the Pineapple Gokuri is delicious!). Passed by Kinokuniya as well and got a Nylon that was 50% off and had a bag with it. I love it when they're 50% off! (>_<)! But I was disappointed with the magazine, because I'm so used to the thick, pictured filled VIVI. DSCF0070

At first I thought this nail polish from Urban Outfitters was disgusting, but now I'm liking it because its slightly peachy tone matches better with my skin tone : ].

The only thing I'm looking forward to other than the end of this exam-filled, project deadlines filled week are the items I ordered from Zipia through my neighbor's group order. Hooray!
zipia 1
zipia 2
zipia 3
zipia 4
Especially excited for the shoes since they have a similar pair at Urban Outfitters that's more expensive. EEEEEEEE!

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