Saturday, March 6, 2010

some stuff

went to a knitting convention at the santa clara convention center. took the light rail there and was thirsty for smoothies and there you go, they had smoothies. i didn't get one though : /
got size 15 dpns and a defuzzer comb. it really works and it's fun to use : ]
bought this concealer even though it wasn't on sale because i just had to get something (which is not very good). the yellow side doesn't neutralize my dark circles much and the concealer side is too light for my skin tone. i am still on an epic search to find the perfect concealer -_-
on the search for high waisted pants to make into high waisted shorts. found these at goodwill and they fit me perfectly because they're hemmed at the right length. these pants totally remind me of my filipino stats teacher who wears 80s outfits complete with high waists, shoulder padded blazers, and frilly hair accessories.
made more cute dolls (they are mini versions) because i was bored. i really hate weekends because i have nothing to do. if i could have it, there wouldn't be weekends.
doesn't the monkey look weird? it's the eyes : / but he's still my favorite! : ]


Winnie said...

Aww the mini dolls are cute! I love the grey outfit and yeah, it's super hard finding a concealer!

lynnette said...

ahhaha these are totally cute! :) i used to make little stuffed toys like that when i was younger and had more time and patience!! XD gosh i miss afternoons when i could just do stuff like that...

Victoria-H said...

Love the first pants!!! :P