Saturday, March 13, 2010


cardigan: Urban Outfitters, pants: thrifted, flats: Urban Outfitters
i'm not one to wear pants other than jeans, but decided to wear these on a whim and glad i did because it's different from my usual and really comfy! too bad i decided to wear these wool pants when the weather was warm : /

EVIL EYELASH CURLER! i really like now this elf eyelash curler curls my eyelashes, but since the handle isn't one of those circular ones, accidents happen. and they're painful!!! ripped some eyelashes and thought my eye was going to get bruised the last time it happened. keeping it away...for now.
finally found a much needed pair of good jeans. the best part: they're $9.50 from Forever21! now that i know my size there, i can order cheap jeans yaaaay!
so in love with rose right now. rosebud hand cream from l'occitane, rosebud salve, soon to have chloe eau de toilette deluxe sample...even rose milk tea! i'm in love with rose!!!


yiqin; said...

You loojk pretty :)

denise said...

i LOVE that first outfit!!! It's so hard to find cute trousers like that and those are perfect on you!