Saturday, February 27, 2010


purchased some things that i needed that were on sale (i usually wait till they go on sale *cheapo)wanted to try out the eucerin redness relief moisturizer to help the redness on my face (it has a green tint which is supposed to neutralize redness). i like how it neutralizes my whole face like how a foundation does, but it doesn't cover up all the redness. also got some almay makeup remover wipes (bogo free woo!) and it does it's job. i just hate the smell (nutty+cheap alcohol=bleh!) and how tiny they are. also got nyc bronzer in sunny to contour my chubby cheeks : ]
finally found a pair of polka dot tights that are within reach (at Target) and affordable ($7). also got a garter belt at target as well.a beautiful sunrise. a beautiful start to a crappy day.
went out with good friends to Macaroni Grill which made me really excited because i love eating there, but this trip was bleh. just look at my uncooked margherita pizza:
cardigan: American Eagle, romper: Urban Outfitters, jeans: Walmart, wedges: Urban Outfitters


Winnie said...

Oh no, that Pizza definitely looks under cooked, did you send it back?

Love those UO wedges on you.

kirstyb said...

love your outfit xx

Adeline said...

That pizza looks hella good!!!!