Monday, March 29, 2010

vintage expo

went to the vintage expo in San Francisco last sunday and it was fun, except i lost my favorite black cardigan/sweater. so sad T_T
should i??cone boobs lolclose ups and a top that i got:
loving matte orange nail polish from Urban Outfitters
we ate at a french restaurant called Absinthe. the croque monsieur was delicious, but i felt uncomfortable the whole time because here we were, asian looking kids, while the rest were caucasian mid-20s and upwards. it's weird to say that i'm not used to being the minority.went to the mall afterwards and got 5 for $15 undies from American Eagle lol. also went to l'occitane and got a different kind of rose hand cream, but this one is more old lady smelling T_T it's okay though because i ordered another rosebud hand cream on ebay.passed by target today to get a 1 1/4 curling iron (which i loove) and saw that they had elf cosmetics! yay! now i don't have to order online anymore! stocked up on clear mascara for my brows and bought another eyelash curler that has a closed handle which i love as well!i want to try this volumizer because my hair is so helplessly flat, but i don't think it'll help since my hair is long and heavy. also got this covergirl mascara. i was so sad that they discontinued my favorite mascara from them, the green waterproof one with the curved brush. gotta try this one out to see if it's still the same!


Victoria-H said...

ooo How fun ! I should have went to that one :P

Winnie said...

Seems strange to not being used to the minority. Usually, I am always in the minority but taking my current course at uni...asian kids are the majority!

Yeah schoolwork sucks but you're right, it will be totally worth it!

yiqin; said...

The lace top is awesome <3

sha said...

haha wow you really are a beauty/makeup junkie!!! so many new products!!! that bodysuit is pretty amazing too!! lol did it really have cone boobs or was that just..i dunno fake? hahaha

lynnette said...

ahaha you got the cone boobs top! :D was that part of the leotard design or sth? I do love the lace though! :)

ahhh nothing like a good ol shopping post to make me wanna go out...!