Thursday, January 7, 2010


these inflated pineapples remind me of les ananas from telefrancais!anyways, so tired right now even though it's only 10:49pm. i've been working 8:00am to 5:00pm the last few days. i got a job as a receptionist at school! how i got it is so crazy too: i was at Peet's coffee and this lady came up to me asking if i had a job and voila i have a job! it's a miracle! i'm so glad i didn't get that job at american apparel now! but now i'm dead tired. i wake up at 6:15 every morning to catch the 6:50am bus to make it before work starts at 8 and then i'm there till 5 in the evening. and this is gonna be everyday till school starts! ahhhh! but i'm glad i have it.spend my breaks in the rose garden eating and this squirrel was scaring me. i thought it would attack me.cowl: handmade by me, top: vintage, clutch: AE, skirt & sweater tights: f21, oxfords: gojane
went to my friend, Tina's, 21st bday today at pasta pomodoro (oh why is their olive oil basil whatever bread dip so good?!) my sister and i made her dark chocolate covered dried apricots for her gift.


Winnie said...

I love that vintage blouse on you. Sounds like work is pretty tiring but awesome how you magically landed a job like that!

The apricots look yummy!

Haha, I get bursts of motivation for school work. Currently taking an hours break before I submerge myself in studying! Blogging is SO much more fun!

$ouLphate said...

ahh the cookies look delicious! and i love how that top is semi see through =D

denise said...

omg apricots? i prefer strawberries or mandarin oranges but still so gooood