Wednesday, January 20, 2010


currently waiting for the mascarpone cheesecake to be done and for ugly betty to start.
went skating last week (yeah bogo free coupon!)
my own sad version of a japanese meal:ichiban instant udon and japanese miso dressing from costco! so yummy.went to walgreens bc the maybelline cosmetics were 40% off. got the last stylish smokes in natural smokes yes! but broke another quad in the process *kick under and runs awayi was really excited about the quad, but it was just ok. the lid color isn't very pigmented. urgh, but i love the brow bone color.saw this nail polish in the aisle where they have the new stuff displays. i don't know why i was thinking of the color metro chic by sephora opi when i got this, but it's taupe. i'm in love. i also like how the brush is rounded. it helps a lot!


yiqin; said...

Nice nail colors :D

$ouLphate said...

the brown nailpolish is lovely! and you look really pretty on that pic girl! xoxo

Winnie said...

Oh the nail colour is gorgeous and your make up is always so so pretty!

Re: those beards are freaking hilarious. They still make me smile when I look at them!