Saturday, January 30, 2010

hooray for dry shampoo!

school sucks as usual. i always look forward to the new semester starting, but it always ends up miserable and depressing. so sad haha. but then i start liking it towards the end. weird.
anyway, finally got my hands on Tresemme's new Dry Shampoo which is part of their new line, Fresh Start. the line won't be out everywhere until March, but it's available at select Walgreen's and at Ulta. i was thinking that it would be only at Ulta so went over there to find that they ran out, but called my nearest Walgreens out of desperation and hope and they had it! got the last two bottles too. muahaha!
can't compare it to Bumble & Bumble or The All Nighter hair powder which i wanted to get initially, but it gets the job done. my hair doesn't look oily, it has a matte/dull look, has a nice citrus smell and it has some volume. needed a dry shampoo because work + school= no time. i just eat and go to sleep after school/work :] i feel like i have sexy bed hair now!plus, made two more cowls but the grey one sheds like crazy and the burgundy one feels so chunky! haha.


denise said...

cute! i've never used dry-shampoo before..and frankly, it sounds kinda wierd lol but your hair really does look nice!

yiqin; said...

I cant find dry shampoo in Singapore :(

Winnie said...

I've never learnt how to use dry shampoo properly ever without accidently turning my hair grey lol, I have some of the stuff though...but rarely use it!