Saturday, January 2, 2010

romper love

tunic: gift
it's so refreshing to have something new in your closet :]
had an uneventful christmas and new years, but got some goodies that make up for it.knitted this cowl which i absolutely love!!! i used lion brand's jiffy in taupe mist and it's so soft and warm! i want to make more in different colors now!bought some more yarn today because it was the last day michael's was having a sale on all their yarn. i'm like a kid in a candy store in the yarn aisle :]got this at a salvation army for only $2.10. 50% off on wednesdays and no sales tax?! i love the salvation army!was planning to wear this h&m skirt for christmas, but we didn't go to southern california as usual because my dad got sick. it's adorable though and it has pockets!!! my favorite :]one of my lucky finds, this floral romper from urban outfitters. they had a 50% off sale sale after Christmas so i had to go. went before they opened and there were others waiting. i just hate that feeling, fighting other people over something. luckily my sister and i left the sale area before a big rush came. i thought this romper was a tank top until i tried it on unsuccessfully in the fitting room, so when i found out it was
A. a romper
B. with pockets
C. only $9.99 after the discount
i had to get it!!!
my sister also got this striped bodysuit (which i stole from her) for only $4.99! i couldn't believe the receipt. i guess that's the good thing about shopping the sale at stores: they might have things on sale that are still normal price on the website and vice versa.


Anonymous said...

wow wow wow DIG that romper!

denise said...

aww pretty rhopmer...and that snood thingie that you knitted is so aweosme. make me one! lol hahaha i really need to learn how to knit -.-

Lucia said...

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