Sunday, April 3, 2011

Neturogena Mineral Sheers

Had one of those "I'm ugly" phases after seeing this picture (bad makeup, face not matching with neck kind of thing):
...but I think it was mostly due to my hair being hacked off T_T.
Anyway, went on a rage finding a different foundation to make myself feel better and decided to try Neturogena's Mineral Sheers foundation. I have been switching back and forth between Sonia Kashuk's tinted moisturizer and Everyday Mineral's foundation.

Neturogena Mineral Sheers Loose Powder Foundation in Nude (40)

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Pressed Powder in Light to Medium (30) & Mineral Sheers Powder Foundation in Nude (40)

L to R: Mineral Sheers Powder Foundation (Nude), Healthy Skin Pressed Powder (Light to Medium), Mineral Sheers Loose Powder (Nude)

Also got the ecotools retractable kabuki brush to go with the pressed powders:


sarah lee said...

I would like to ask about neutrogena healthy pressed powder in light to medium shade if it's not too light on asian skin. I think I have medium skin tone but mistakenly ordered this shade instead of medium, order still coming. I can't really tell from the pictures. I just want know your opinion regarding this. I think we have almost the same skin tone, powder looks good on you though and i like your blogs..(-:


chchcharmander said...

Hi thanks for stopping by!
Unfortunately, I don't have that powder anymore so I can't take a look at it! I'm sorry! >_<
I don't remember how the color was when I used it before, but you can make it work for you if it's too light by using a light hand when applying. I'm sorry again!