Wednesday, April 13, 2011

dark mood

H&M sweater, Zipia top & boots, Urban Outfitters jeans, ebay'd Alexa bag

Received my Forever21 haul and half were hits (lace shorts, leggings, & knuckle ring) and the other were misses (skirt). Now that I have items to return, I have a reason to go back and shop more! : ].

The leggings were better than I thought. They are so amazing! Comfortable, opaque, high-waisted, and long in length, I loved them so much I immediately went online to see if it was still in-stock so I could order more, but of course they were out. If I was a girl who wore leggings as pants, I would totally rock them -__-. Since I saw 2 of the items I bought in the store I'm hoping it'll be in stock there!

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