Monday, June 28, 2010

sweating like a pig

what's been going on in the month of june (thank goodness it's pretty much over!):
got these goody spin pins. all i've been wearing lately is a bun because my hair is at that awkward length between short and long. these work great and look better than a jaw clip!
finally got a bike! i've been wanting a cruiser for a while, but every time a good one pops up on craigslist, it gets sold. got this baby for $40, but i need to get it fixed. can't wait!!!
omnomnomnom yummy beef steak and egg sandwich from new bambu. i ate one today and wanted another earlier T_T
top: american eagle outfitters, shorts: forever 21
i dunno, but it feels weird when older people complement what i wear. like these shorts. hmm.

currently wearing NYC's French White Tip and American Apparel's Summer Peach.

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Winnie said...

Oooh love the nail polish!