Monday, June 14, 2010

top: american eagle, tap shorts: american apparel
finally, a perfect and simple pair of high waisted shorts! i feel so american apparel in this picture lol. wanting to get these shorts in tan and blue as well and saw that they increased the price by $2. it's not much, but it's like

lol i accidentally grabbed the tester at american apparel. this is one of their new lacquers in summer peach. can't wait to try it out.
top: forever21, shorts: h&m
wore this to my friend's 21st birthday. really into stripes, cropped tops, and high waisted shorts right now, as typical as it is. i'm glad that it's trendy and available right now.

here's my good friend kha and his boypren eric. eric definitely made the fun night with so many that's-what-she-said's.

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denise said...

you always look so cute and casual! wish i could wear croptops -.- they're perfect for Hong Kong's INSANE SUMMERS T.T