Sunday, November 15, 2009

worthless hope

went to the green convention in san francisco yesterday.holding the chai burned my hand :/ it was delicious though. it tasted more like coconut milk than chai.
yay for recycling! their goal was to recycle 97% of everything.cutest musical instrument ever!bamboo bikechoice clothing of the eventliked the old timey fashions of chai cola
after that, we headed to oakland to go to Fenton's Creamery.
we passed by a cute bike store called manifesto.going home. lol tina was able to go to sleeppassed by icing's in the mall and saw these nail polishes. i think they're copies of china glaze as you can see here.

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Winnie said...

Omigod that ice cream looks amazing! Yum yum. I want that bamboo bike!!