Saturday, November 28, 2009


i am going to miss thanksgiving so much. no more delicious leftovers to eat. mashed potatoes, fruit salad, potato salad, cheesecake omg! now time to walk off the pounds gained (-_-)the mashed potatoes i made! heeheei am so sick of ham. why do we have it every year?! i want turkey!omnomnom fruit salad!!!
went thrifting the day before thanksgiving because there was no class and picked up two items. i had $17 and thought, "oh i can get a lot with this" but thrifting has become more expensive than usual or maybe the one i went to did (-_-)
backpack! in need of one since my sister stole mine. also, a 5-10 pound (maybe more) bag on my right shoulder all the time isn't love with this vintage styled dress. now i need to find an occasion to wear it to.
went shopping on black friday, but didn't really find any
thing good. surprisingly found something good at forever21. i usually don't have good luck there.finally found an off the shoulder top! been wanting one for a while.
also got lucky when my sister got a pair of wedges that i saw before. i have a better chance of wearing it than her so time to steal! muahaha!
and finally ordered some much needed shoes from my black boots aren't waterproof anymore and are smelly (and i still wear them. gross, yes -_-) and my flats are just bleh. can't wait for these to arrive!!!


Marian said...

great images,love the bugs on the wedges!

Anonymous said...

the brown oxfords are lovely! and yes, talyor lautner is younger than t-swift, but i guess she's a cougar! haha ;)

DEV said...

Ah, I love leftovers :) I also love that backpack! x

yiqin; said...

Ah the mash potato! Yummy :)