Thursday, November 12, 2009

hot apple cider

had no class on wednesday due to veteran's day so went to rite aid to exchange the concealer i got for a different color (it was too light!). it's sorta nice to go out by oneself :]got the maybelline mineral power concealer in beige which turned out perfect. i got the maybelline 24 hr super stay concealer before and it sucked! it was too orange and creased a lot.
also got the maybelline line stiletto liquid liner because it was BOGO free and my revlon lineur intense was getting so sucky! i've only had it for 3-4 months and it flakes like crazy! these two liners are similar in their application with the felt tip. my maybelline one was kinda crooked though :/
see it's sorta crooked?! the liquid in maybelline's isn't as dark as revlon's but at least it doesn't flake.yay for boot wearing weather!!!

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Winnie said...

I love eyeliner, I wear it everyday and It's so hard to find one that actually stays put and is black enough! That last pic of you is stunning!