Monday, November 9, 2009


lesson learned: always trust your gut instincts.
went to an open call to a store opening in the mall (i don't know if i should say what it is :/)
got a second interview and heard sunday, but after thought it was monday. went on sunday and peeked but didn't knock and came into today to hear that it was yesterday! all of my worrying and agony for nothing!
anyway, now time to wait for The Call!!! dun dun dun.

here's what i wore to the open call:finally did the san francisco trip i wanted to do. it was sprinkling and cold, but still fun.
went to a place called chill to use their bathroom, so i had to buy something and got a red velvet cupcake. the cupcake was dry and i couldn't really taste anything, but the cream cheese frosting was delicious!pretty lanterns in the japanese restaurant we ate at.
what i got!
two thrifted blouses and a thermal from american apparel
i wish i could've gone thrifting more, but the area we went to was shady and the boypren was getting tired :/
nov vivi, a mirror (mine broke), and what i thought was a spray bottle, but is not. ugh what am i going to do with it now?
stopped by walgreens today and got the Studio 35 Mineral Makeup Brush Set. i needed another duo fiber brush because im using the one i got from target for my foundation AND cream blush. that's not good or hygienic.
the set comes with a blush/bronzer brush, an eye shadow brush, a concealer brush, and the duo fiber brush.the eye shadow brush is shaped weird...i like how the concealer brush is bigger than others, but there's nothing really great about the blush brush.haven't tried the duo fiber brush yet, but it's a bit smaller than the studio tools one from target, so i think it'll be perfect for my cream blush!
on a random note, what i did for halloween:went to macaroni grill with the boypren like an old couple (muahaha i like it). i actually offered to pay for the meal so i could have an excuse to not let him do the typical thing to do on halloween.
watched juicystar07's makeup tutorial on the kirsten steward seventeen cover and got inspired. can't really see it though :/
and also, razors sucks. or maybe it's just my clumsiness, but if blood makes you quesy, don't look!

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Anonymous said...

there are so many brushes for so many different uses i never know what to do with them haha