Friday, January 30, 2009

very tired

tired, yes.
i realize that tucking in tops is hard and tedious and results in red hands :/
tired from a long day of bus rides around the south bay to the library, whole foods, mall, and movies. went to whole foods to try to find unscented soap with a ph of 5.5, but i wasn't in luck.
i noticed today how expensive food is. maybe i'm just being stingy and phobic about the economy, but still. starving college girl here!!!
speaking of college...
it's been alright. seriously can't dress well because of the cold. i've been wearing the same thing everyday for the past week: jacket, tee, jeans, and sneakers. i thought that having to wake up at 530 tuesdays and thursdays and catching the 622 bus for my 730 class would be hard, but i actually like it. i love how it's still dark out when i get out of my house. the hills are also very pretty with the light outlining its curves. i need to take a picture of that someday. plus getting out at 1220 is a great feeling :D
anyway, blah blah blah. excited for charlotte ronson's line for jcpenny.


Miranda said...

i hate getting out of the house when its still dark out
perhaps cuz i've been doing it for so long hahaha
i'd rather be in bed, warm, instead of out in the cold

i'm excited for cronson's line too!

Sunset said...

Girl you're craaazy! I absolutely hate waking up that early (probably 'cause I do it everyday?), poo. :( I'm excited for Charlotte Ronson too!! JCP seems like a totally random place, doesn't it?