Friday, January 2, 2009

gluttony and cibo matto

pictures on manual are quite fun :Di've been listening to cibo matto, a band from the 90s, lately. they're a lot of things: "jazz, hip-hop, brazillian music, african drumming, and disco samples" according to a music review by W. Dire Wolff. their music is quite fun. im glad that i picked this cd up at library. it's so great to be able to brose around the library and find great music. thank goodness it's free :D

unhappyface=bored as hell!!! i actually wish school started sooner so i could have something to do :(
i love fabulous finds! the sizing is weird though. i wanted a loose tee but they just ended up getting longer in size. this is a large. at least i can try (?) to wear it as a tunic? but for $3.50 i love it :D
oh, and one of the best things to do is go through the drive through at burger king late at night, park in the very brightly lit parking area, and pig out. why does food taste so good that way? guh, gluttony!


Trish said...

Wow, did you cut your hair? It really looks good on you. :)

Sunset said...

Wow. Funky song. I feel like I would especially enjoy it if I was... intoxicated somehow. Haha.

You're so cute! I know exactly what you mean about the sizing.

Sunset said...

Haha, yeah, I totally would've done that if there wasn't freaking BONING in the torso! Freaking corset of it's own. :/ Hopefully I can find a tailor to work their magic!

Jenny H. said...

such cute pictures.
and yeah i layer a lottt especially when we have a lot of snow.