Monday, January 12, 2009

i like to cut my split ends :]

Cat Power does too many cover songs, but i really like this one. I'll have to admit that it's pretty awesome when the volume is turned up :D

anyhoo, i tried to tease my hair and even though my sister or brother didn't notice it, i felt like it was too much. it was fun though!
target is such a fun to place to shop! fashionable clothes, shoes, cosmetics, and food all in one place?! went yesterday and got a bunch of tights and socks because they were on sale for $5 and i also got boots on clearance for $26! yee :Di actually went there twice bc right when i came home, my friend called asking if i wanted to go with her there. haha sad. afterwards we washed her car, missy, and waxed it. ahh her car feels so nice now! :D
searching the internet boredly, i saw these:
walmart for $20. i got super excited because urbanoutfitters has a pair that i saw awhile ago.urbanoutfitters for $48. when i saw these online i wanted to get them bc my black boots weren't waterproof anymore. back then they were $38 but of course urbanoutfitters has to raise the freaking price. i just wish walmart had black :/

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