Friday, February 6, 2009


wearing from now on: boots, jeans, and layers of clothing. rain sucks. Seasonal affective disorder going on right now.
feeling the gray.
went to my old high school yesterday to see the talent show only bc the boypren was in it.toxic friend right here. seriously toxic. callings of bitch and i hate you (in a "joking way"), the pinching of cheeks, and just plain meanness from this girl once in a while. that's how people are i guess. taking advantage of weaker people. i would understand since she was "abused" as a child. but hey, who wasn't especially with asian parents? still, she's cool most of the time.
anyway. more bitching.
dude on the left: stop with the tightass deep v neck tshirts that show your nipples. we all know you're trying hard to be a hipster.
a group of a ton of kids doing snychronized dance moves from an anime or something... it was wtf and exciting at the same time.robot singing. i wish.
one of those girls who thinks they're sooooo good at singing with all their emphasized hand moves, but really they're not THAT great. more like high pitched squealing. still, i liked her outfit.this guy always dances bollywood style for the talent show every year. never get tired of it.


Miranda said...

aww why so mad?? lol

Trish said...

I agree! I really hate the rain!! Hehe. :)

yiqin; said...

I like that the last guy is wearing all green! hahaha

Shen-Shen said...

The greys look so cute on you!